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    Le Hameau apartments’ main phase will be ready for December 2020. The 2nd and last phase of apartments will be ready the following year in December 2021.

    The deposit on these apartments is extra low at only 2% of property price. This is paid onto an escrow account for further security. This is instead of the usual 5% deposit to reserve a new-build property in France.

    We have assisted our non-resident clients with French mortgages from day one. Rates are super low too like 2% fixed 20 years!

    In France, before the developer/constructor can start receiving money, a financial and completion guarantee with a major bank has to be in place to guarantee the build completion and to protect you against and bad news.

    Super cheap actually if you compare to other EU countries. For new-build properties in France you pay only around 2% of property price in legal fees/stamp duty instead of 10% in Spain for example.
    We are dealing primarily in English as most of our clients are international from UK, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong. We are bilingual in both French and English so we can really hold your hand!

    Once you have paid the 2% deposit to reserve the property you only start paying when exchange of deeds takes place 2-4 months average from the moment you reserve. Then you pay in stages, based on construction until you reach delivery.

    Typical construction stages are: Terracing | Foundations | Roof | Windows & Doors | Interiors